Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Tina Belcher is My Spirit Animal

Bob’s Burgers is the only show on TV that I actually keep up with. I feel like it was written just for me. I cozy up with my laptop and delight in the artificial glow of my screen every Sunday night after the pirates have uploaded low-fi streams of the weekly episode (should I not be blogging about that?).

More than one person has told me that the character Louise reminds them of me. I think this is because Louise can be a bitch.


While I delight in this label (and on occasion have found myself basking in a hair too much Schadenfreude, much like this maniacal middle child), my true love is Tina. Most people who like Tina like her because she is awkward. I like her character because she is honest. In tribute – This Top Ten Tuesday is for her.

Top Ten Reasons Tina Belcher is My Spirit Animal

1. Tina is plagued with the curse of unrequited love and a penchant for the clueless, artistic type.

2. She is philosophical in a simple way and she’ll never change the way she thinks to make other people feel more comfortable.

3. Sometimes she strays from her principles or makes mistakes, but she knows who she is and course corrects every time.

4. Tina is great at expressing herself verbally, specifically with noises. I can relate. I have a noise for stretching, waking up, being mad, being tired, being cold, eating some great cheese, judging someone…

5. She is a writer. She definitely writes authentically. Her volumes of Erotic Friend Fiction, while not my style, are to be lauded for creativity…and possible grounds for restraining orders.

6. You won’t catch her on a treadmill. She is into weird fitness stuff. Case in point: sexy dance fighting (aka capoeira).

7. She’s not embarrassed to dance it out.

8. She’s sensitive, but people don’t always take her emotions seriously, casting her off as “dramatic.” I know that feel, Tina. I know that feel.

9. Her feeble attempts at coolness often result in weirdness. But she can make a quick recovery.

10. She has oddly vivid dreams about fantastical situations that are impossible to understand.

Tina Belcher, I salute you – weirdo to weirdo, woman to woman.