Serious Sunday

The Week I Get My Life Together

I used to work at this non profit doing hybrid social work/early intervention for young children and their families. I absolutely loved it. Great organization,  amazing co-workers, and that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from your pockets being empty contributing to your community. Sometimes I would come in from a visit with a family, look at my poorly organized desk and realize I had a lot of work in front of me. I would say, “I NEED TO GET MY LIFE IN ORDER!” And my co-workers would chuckle…”Oh, that Liz! Always saying silly stuff!” I just hate the feeling of loose ends. I love when things are neat and orderly and I feel like I’m in control.


Making your bed is one small thing you can do to make you feel like your life is more together than it actually is. The fact that I thought that this was a big enough accomplishment to take a picture of really speaks volumes.

It’s hard to get your life in order, so to speak. I mean, here I am. Just me. No kids, no husband, no house…and I can barely take care of myself. I let myself eat Cheetos and vodka for dinner last night – on a motel coffee table no less.

From fall of 2012 til about march of this year, my life was one   long    loose end. Things are finally settling down in my life and I feel like now that the dust has settled I need to get back to business of becoming a real adult. Go to the dentist. Buy Kale. That sort of thing.

So, this week

I am getting my life in order.


Small change #1 and #2: Get out in nature more often. Reconnect with old friends. So I went to the river with my pal Tracy. Who needs church when you have the desert?

Ideas for small changes that make big differences are greatly appreciated.

[No snarky ass health crap, either. I’ll go on Facebook for that, thank you!]


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